Quantum Materials

Quantum Materials Photo Quantum materials is a broad term to put under the same umbrella materials that present strong electronic correlations and/or some type of electronic order (superconducting, magnetic order), or materials whose electronic properties are linked to non-generic quantum effects, such as topological insulators, Dirac electron systems such as graphene, as well as systems whose collective properties are governed by genuinely quantum behavior, such as ultra-cold atoms , cold excitons, polaritons, etc. The label Quantum Materials has a strong overlap with Condensed Matter Physics, although the latter is a broader field of research that encompasses classical, yet non-trivial, phenomena, such as soft condensed matter. In this materials physics conference you can gain the latest technologies about quantum materials.
  • Quantum chemistry
  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum Magnetism
  • Quantum Phase Transitions
  • Quantum State
  • Quantum Optics

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