Polymer Science and Technology

Polymer Science and Technology Photo Materials science has a more extensive scope of uses which incorporates ceramics production, composites and polymer materials. Holding in ceramics production and glasses utilizes both covalent and ionic-covalent types with SiO2 as a fundamental building square. ceramics are as delicate as clay or as hard as stone and cement. They are crystalline in frame. Most glasses contain a metal oxide melded with silica. Applications run from structural elements, for example, steel-fortified cement, to the gorilla glass. Polymer is likewise an essential piece of materials science. Polymers are the crude materials which are utilized to make what we normally call plastics. Claim to fame plastics are materials with unmistakable attributes, for example, ultra-high quality, electrical conductivity, electro-fluorescence, high warm strength. Plastics are partitioned not based on their material but rather on its properties and applications. The worldwide market for carbon fibre came to $1.8 billion of every 2014, and further the market is required to develop at a five-year CAGR (2015 to 2020) of 11.4%, to reach $3.5 billion out of 2020. Carbon fibre strengthened plastic market came to $17.3 billion out of 2014, and further the market is relied upon to develop at a five-year CAGR (2015 to 2020) of 12.3%, to reach $34.2 billion out of 2020. The opposition in the worldwide carbon fibre and carbon fibre fortified plastic market is extreme inside a couple of expansive players, for example, Toray Toho, Mitsubishi, Hexcel, Formosa, SGL carbon, Cytec, Aksa, Hyosung, Sabic, and so on.In this Materials science conference the significant role of polymers in human life will be highlighted in the Conference and this will be a milestone in the revolution of materials science.
  • Polymer physics
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced polymers
  • Composite Polymers and Polymer Gels
  • Polymers for Biomedical Applications
  • Polymer for Textile and Packaging
  • Rheology of Advanced polymer systems
  • Polymers for Construction
  • Inorganic-organic hybrid systems
  • Advanced polymer applications

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